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Re: junos... (gag!)

>and perhps 22 years ago he should have received it
>when he was fronting Poison and making new sounds rather than pumping out 
>the same record for the 4th 5th time in a row...

        Well, IF he were doing that,he'd be guilty on that charge, but he's
not....WHAT FRESH HELL is different from the S/T polygram album, as it is
different from Crawl With Me or Sexual Roulette.....

>Rusty winning would have been what I expected..

        Rusty, in my mind, would have been an much unfunnier Joke than
Art... Boring, Generic, Music. Bleah. 

>but Mr. Bergman..bit of a joke
>I guess Rancid think they are breaking new ground as well.

                Well, Rancid probably DO think they're breaking ground..but
they're just following a trail that Mr. Bergmann forged long, long
ago....The man wasn't nominated for best new artist ( Like Change of Heart
in the CFNY Old Music Search of some years ago...), He was nominatedf for
Best Alternative,  and he won it. More power to him.....

      Colin, let me add I don't think this anger on your part is because
Heady Wine is made from Sour Grapes ; probably just legitimate
dissapointment on your part, as a music fan......... and legitimate
dissagreement with more than a few people, I think.
>On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, James wrote:
>> >So... dare I ask... who won the juno (gag!) for best Alternative Album?
>> >
>> >joel
>>  Ladies and gentlemen, Put Your hands together for ....Mr. Art Bergmann. 
>>         Yay ! Justice ! (Look, I like the Inbreds, THP, and Sfz. But Mr.
>> Bergmann has had this coming for about 22, 24 years. )
>> "Against The Grain"
>>         James
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