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At least sitting during a show is better than...

Okay.  The following text is not suitable for those under 18 or who are 
deeply religious.  I warned you.
You guys hate people who sit on the floor?  Well, last weekend, I was at 
the Endearing Records show.  Groups played from 7 till 1:30.  Tell me how 
I'm supposed to stand for 6 bands?  Like, I don't have Robo Knees.  I'm 
old (20) dammit, I need to sit for a breather!  But I almost like 
standing/dancing near the stage.  What do i hate more than sitters at a 
rocking show, tho?  Those little dinks who've seen one too many Nirvana 
videos (not putting Nirvana down cuz I'm afraid I still love them) and 
think "Hey, its cool to run around and smack yourself against other 
people, whether they want you to or not." Moshing is for people who don't 
know how do dance or are too self-concious to dance.  Watch Electric 
Circus on Friday nites.  Monica Deol will teach all you moshers a couple 
of good moves.  Impress your friends.  If you wanna mosh, do it near the 
back of the room.  Why do it near the stage, where the dancers and people 
who want to actually PAY ATTENTION TO THE BAND stand?  THat's my suggestion.
	And now, for the gore.  What do I hate that people do at shows?  
2 Halloweens ago, Bournbon Tabernacle Choir, who I really don't like but 
I went to therir show to check them out, played in Winnipeg.  I'm 
standing, watching the show, and then all of the sudden - bop! I get 
pushed aside by this hulk, who decided he had more rights than me or the 
50 toher people near me, to stand near the stage.  So Hulk, as I will now 
refer to him as, is using his girlfriend as a bumper to push people 
aside.  Of course, I am lucky and Hulk decides that parking his large 
frame right in front of me to the left will be ideal for him and his 
ladyfriend to watch the show.  Fine with me.  All of the sudden, I guess 
Hulk got tired of the band, which is understandable, or he just got real 
horney.  Hulk deemed it necessary to preform a breast examination to his 
buxom girlfriend to the delight of all 50 people who could actually and 
clearly see what he was doing.  He kept this up for about 10 minutes.  I 
was revolted, but its like when you see something revolting, you still 
gotta look and watch it to make sure it still revolts you.  Right?  And 
she was really revolting.  The whole thing was..um, what was my point?  
Oh yeah, I would rather have someone sit near the stage than watch Hulk 
and his friend go at it.
	Also does anyone have a mailing address to the Halifax College 
station?  i sorta need it if you got it.  Private mail me, cuz I'm sure 
not everyone here wants to see it 100 times.  Thanks.

"Slack is good." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius