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Hello..Let me introduce myself...

        Well, let me just say that I'm very surprised to see myself on this
list.  I hadn't checked my mail since I got off the Ani DiFranco mailing
list, which was about a week ago, and low and behold, I see all of you,
don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier :P  What I had thought I had done
was just mailed James for instructions to get onto the list.  Thank you
James for adding me on!! I really appreciate this.  Let me tell you all a
little about me, I hope that I don't bore any of you.  I guess I'll have to
take my chances.
        My name is Rebecca Gilchrist, I live in Vancouver BC.  I am 17
years old and am finally in my last year of High School.
        I really love Sloan, I've been listening to them for about 4 years
now.  I don't think that I'm as devoted a fan as some of you though.  I
have seen them twice live, once two years ago at the New York Theatre
(which unfortunately as of recently has been changed to a movie theatre)
they were there with Mystery Machine and the Rose Chronicles.  A very good
show:)  The other time that I saw them was last year at the Vouge Theatre,
another great show.  I hope that they come out here again really soon.
        A brush with a Sloaner...Last summer I was downtown, and I knew
that Chris Murphy was in town with that band he had when Sloan broke up for
a bit, I don't know the name of his other band, someone help me please?,
and I still don't know what happened to the break up either, I've been in
the dark for awhile.  Anyway on with my story...I saw Chriss Murphy walking
down Granville Street, he went into a ssecond hand CD store... I didn't
know what to do, what would I say if I were to go in there and would he
even want me to?  So I was a chicken and some girl I don't really even know
went in and talked to him for a bit, then she came out and rubbed it in my
face for awhile.  I felt like punching her, but I know that violence isn't
the answer.  Oh well, I hope that I didn't bore you.  I"m extremely sorry
if I did, I hope that at least one person like my story...?
        Just a question to all the New York Theatre goers....Are you all as
mad as I am?  I can't believe it.  I heard it from a friend and then I went
to see it for myself.  There are lights that flash around the windows, it's
all bright and it looks really annoying.  If you haven't checked it out I
recommend that you do so!  Maybe if there are enough of us, we can get
together and link arms and stand in front of the Theater and sway back and
forth and we'll sit in a circle and tell stories that we remember from the

                WHERE WILL ALL OF US YOUNGEN'S GO????????

        Finally signing off,

I hope that at least one person read this, I'd hate to have wrote this all
and nobody read it...