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can we stop with the floor talk already?

of all the pointless threads - and I know I'm responsible for my share - 
this standing vs. sitting debate has got to take the cake. not since the 
days of the "math rock" discussion has sloan net sunk to such depths 
(well, actually, we probably have, but...). "I went to a show once where 
I stood", "I went to a show once and I sat". what stimulating 
anecdotes...it's a regular algonquin round table around here. Whatever. 
situate yourself as best you feel situated, but expect to be walked on if 
you sit on the floor and expect to dodge a doc marten or two if you 
stand...you'll all end up old and bemusedly hunched in a corner before ya 
know it, when you actually get the energy up to go to a 
gig...anyway...perhaps some of you all should be sending Impact a nice 
thank you note for the 2 great all ages shows they presented instead of 
carrying on about where you park your carcasses at rock shows, hmmmm? 
manners, please. (and I'm not just saying that 'cause Impact pays me the 
big bucks neither) 
	 		your friend,