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Moncton, a somewhat silly city

        I was reading over the music reviews in Leisure Living, which is the
tv guide for the Times-Transcript paper out of Moncton and this week's
included Purple Blue.  It made me really laugh.  teehee

I won't type the whole thing but read this
        ...This time out the band has a definite early Pink Floyd(the Syd
Barrett years) influence in its music and album art work.  
        ...Eric's Trip has the potential to explode into one of Canada's top
bands if given the right break and technical assistance.
        ...More reminiscent of a UK act than one from Canada Eric's Trip
brand of psychedelia was a popular music form on the British underground in
teh early 70's.
3 stars out of 5

Anyways, Kyle 3 Grand were mentioned and they are really neatto.  Give them
a listen if you get the chance, email them for info at Kyle\!/island.com
they're from the west coast, I'm not exactly sure what part, 6 song ep on
Cardigan records(teehee once again, inside joke to Paul).  We have the CD at
CHMA(mt.a's radio station), which if you read quickly might be misread as
CMHA which is the canadian mental health association.

Aurevoir mes amis, aurevoir