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Re: ET 19+

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Adam Prime wrote:

> Sian were in the same vein as Sully, and they played one of the best sets
> i've heard them play.  It seems to me that either they are getting better or
> i'm getting better ar listening to them.

They've been "better" since they released the cd... I'm glad that more 
people are really starting to appreciate them.  They're right up there on 
my list with Eric's Trip as my favourite Canadian bands.. I wish they had 
played the all ages show, but I guess most of the kids don't really 
appreciate their space-rock type thing.

> Anyway at the 19+ show they (ET) opened up with a song that i've never
> heard.  On the set list it was called "close my eyes"  I have virtually
> every thing from Float later and i haven't heard it so does anyone know
> where it's from.  It kicked ass by the way Julie was screaming more than the
> end of blinded.  The 19+ show was about 10 times better than the all ages
> this time i'm sad to say.  they played(some holes though):

Damn damn damn... I wish I was 19.  Damn the 12 year olds, damn them! :)