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ET 19+

I just woke up from the busiest concert weekend i've ever had.  I went to
all three shows at Lee's between Saturday and Sunday.  And i'm going to see
Versus tonight.  

The first two opening bands were such an amazing change of pace from the
all-ages show.  Sully from i don't know where played a really cool set of
music that i can't even describe.  They had four TV's playing stuff, all in
different colours.  The vocals were either not english or just hard to
understand, but i thought it was awesome anyway. 
Sian were in the same vein as Sully, and they played one of the best sets
i've heard them play.  It seems to me that either they are getting better or
i'm getting better ar listening to them.
smoother, who i don't really like actually played a good set.  It was really
long, (longer than ET or Hardship post( but good).  My friend said that they
just got a new guitar and bassist, but they sounded like they had been
playing together for years to me.
Hardship Post, who i've never seen with allison before played good.  I like
the new texture with the girl vocals sometimes.  It's nice that everyone in
the band sings too.
Anyway at the 19+ show they (ET) opened up with a song that i've never
heard.  On the set list it was called "close my eyes"  I have virtually
every thing from Float later and i haven't heard it so does anyone know
where it's from.  It kicked ass by the way Julie was screaming more than the
end of blinded.  The 19+ show was about 10 times better than the all ages
this time i'm sad to say.  they played(some holes though):

close my eyes
16 hours
new love
?Feeling around?
alone and annoyed
not yours
my bed is red
spaceship opening
some other song i've never heard (encore)

theres the sort of set.  the last 6 are right for sure though.