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rome plows, etc.

Judging from this weekend's posts, this Rome Plows show rendered a few of 
our usually eloquent Halifax corespondents dumb-struck...now that you've 
slept on it, could you offer a bit more detail..."wow" and "like hearing 
the voice of god" are intriguing descriptions, but I want more. Who's in 
the band anyway? Thanks.

Totally unrelated, but kinda funny:
I missed most of CMW, since I had working and schooling to do, but the 
highlight for me was Steve "Nazi Dog" Leckie's acceptance speech at the 
Chart Magazine's showcase at the Horseshoe (where I work). Presented with 
a framed cover of the CMW Top 50 Canadian blah blah blah issue, in which 
Leckie's old band The Viletones were named, Leckie said, "I'm not a fan 
of Canadian music, so this doesn't mean anything to me...", went on to 
praise Suede and the Manic Street Preachers, described his new band as 
"the best looking and the best players in town", and finished with, "I 
know what the future of rock is and it certainly isn't anything you're 
seeing on the stage of the Horseshoe tavern tonight. Thank you and fuck 
you very much." People were actually throwing stuff at the poor old fool 
by the end of it. Maybe you had to be there, but it was so fucking funny 
in the midst of all the industry shmoozing of CMW to see this old 
forgotten punk come out and act like Oasis. Steve Leckie - a legend in 
his own mind.   - Chris