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my two cents

here's my two cents on the all ages shows this weekend in toronto:

sat. march 9th.

les pichou - i liked this set of theirs better than their pop explosion set,
                   was ok, but i didn't see enough of it to really judge.

nc-19 & under - yes, treble charger seem to have somewhat of a teen
                   sensation, in that if you are a teen you should like
                   they do. well, so i fit the teen part but i still don't
like treble
                   charger enough to go bonkers over them like every other
                   i know. i guess they played a good set for them..

made - yuck! ugly male harmonies that make you want to puke!!!! i wish they
            would stop the bass player from singing.

the super friendz - really really really really good :) i think their
                  were a little to smart to mosh to, because the whole crowd
                  looked as if they were in a trance.

the monoxides - very energetic, lots of dumb rock moves etc. 

eric's trip - really really good :) it's eric's trip! even if they played a
bad set
                  it would still be wicked! :)

gossip: i spoke to drew (super friendz) for a while. he said they're going to
             be releasing two 7"s, one on derivative and one on genius. plus 
             they're planning on releasing an EP on murder this summer. he
             they are going to do a cross canada thing and go to the states
             they were thinking of asking the local rabbits to open for them.

sun. march 10th.

los cholos - sucked!

the shuttlecocks - so everyone hates this band except me. they're kind of
                     surfy and their guitarist was just voted in eye magazine
                     one of the coolest people in the toronto music scene,
                     she's only seventeen! neat! :) 

bluebeard - yuck! i think they think that they're good though.

pure - lots of people really like pure... ?? ...

change of heart - really good. very energetic (when are they not? :) ). their
                    new bass player seems to fit right in which is good.

the hardship post - what ever happened to their smart melodies? they
                  sounded really bad to me and i hated their set.

elevator to hell - pretty good. i wish they had played some of my favourite
                  songs off the 12" and it would have been nice to see ron 
                  playing with them. 

gossip: i didn't hear any gossip on  sunday :( or at least i can't remember 
            it.. :)
for sizzleteen - i gave the sfz the letter for you, drew was really excited
                     saying it was his first e-mail ever!

and that's my two cents :) have a nice day everybody :)

-=- D'Arcy -=-

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