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Re: rome plows, etc.

Rome Plows.. sound is sort of a paralell to that of Drive like 
Jehu/Rocket From the Crypt, but a little more restrained and
totally professional. They are all great players. Mike Begin 
(guitar) used to be in Bliss, and more recently Shuffletusk. 
Andy Miller, is a maniac on drums, totally into fast fills and 
tight beats, has a crazy singing voice. Lenny on bass, I don't 
know much of him besides the fact that I got a taste of the boot
so he could play <insert sarchasm here>, he is a really good 
bass player and one helluva nice guy, they are all nice. They 
are going to take over the world someday. 
I think they really want to hit the open highway, which would
be good cause people gotta check em out. I would love to sse 
them release something, and if there is anyone on the list who 
is in a position to help em out, spread the word.
Circle researcher,
Brendan Ryan.