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Re: speaking of sloan

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> Molly's Reach from edmonton have a new cd out called (i think) _hi fi and 
> stereo_ and if you like sloan, you pretty well will dig molly's reach. 
> their songs sound a lot like "coax me" or "worried now", that particular 
> side of sloan - i think their vocalist sounds a lot like chris at times. 
> i know, i know, i just finished slagging the poumons for sounding so much 
> like sloan, but it's probably because i hate windsor so much. :)
> anyway, they are on tour across canada right now, they're going all the 
> way to halifax (oooh, maybe chris'll record their new album, too! ;)  )  
> so maybe go check them out if they come to your town. something weird is 
> going on, there are more than two good bands from edmonton*....
> tara
> ps/ i swear to god, i'm not posting at all tomorrow.....it's just that i 
> was in withdrawal or something.
> *original two good bands from edmonton: PAL JOEY and the all woman 
> brothers band
> --
> "Though we may part, though we may not live in the same town,
>  it doesn't matter to me. We will always be in New Orleans."
> "But now there's fireworks, cotton candy, bad days, and you."
>         **PIGGY**Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes**
I have to agree with Tara. I saw them play in Banff last summer at a 
COUNTRY bar, and they rocked the place. They had just about the coolest 
stage persona I have seen in a long time. The cello player is a really 
cool nice touch.