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Sister Unyon

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, Noise Eee wrote:

> sonic unyon also distributes a lot of other labels as well, including 
> Sister records (out of manitoba i believe), and they are also the 
> canadian distributor of Amphetamine Reptile, out of the u.s.

	You are correct about Sister; it's based in Winnipeg, MB.
Interestingly enough, Heather, 1/2 of the Sister Records Executive, works 
for AmRep. 


"I watch them both with my telescope.
 I'm watching both her hands on a bottle of Coke.
 And her medic alert tag says she's okay,
 just allergic to peanuts, so she'd better stay away."
	- The Bonaduces, "Really Powerful Telescope"