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Re: enough!

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, mMhatt wrote:

> OK OK OK! Enough of me whining about my bloody wrist band (which is STILL
> on) I acually have to ask where I can find complete Murderecords/Cinnimon
> Toast/Sonic Unyon catalogues.  I have a few little ones that come with
> records I buy somewhere else...but is there anything bigger?

the latest Sonic Unyon catalogue can be sent to ya if you call sonix at 
(905) 632-1905 or send s.a.s.e. to:
sonic unyon records, po box 57347 jackson station, hamilton, ont, L8P 4X2.

sonic unyon also distributes a lot of other labels as well, including 
Sister records (out of manitoba i believe), and they are also the 
canadian distributor of Amphetamine Reptile, out of the u.s.