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the ontarian jaunt

well, my march break is over but it was pretty fun.  or eventful. or
something.  i guess the biggest pissoff is that i didn't get to go to
much can. music week at all because the pecker i was driving with
decided to come home early.  but anyway, i did catch the wooden stars
and spool tuesday night at the shoe.  it was cool.  spool were, of
course, too pavementy but the sounds were sweet.  ian tells me an
album is supposedly done but they're like in three different cities
and who knows when it'll get released.  touring is scheduled for the
summer.  wooden stars were certainly as wacked as expected.  i also
ran into john from change of heart and saw that rusty character.  and
i swear i saw jeff martin from the tea party.  ha.  that girl from the
noxzema ad was there too.  i met cecil (over the phone) but missed the
plumtree/broken girl show, i missed boss hog in montreal by a few
hours (when i got there they were all leaving), i missed the escher
exhibit at the national gallery in ottawa (it's closed on mondays and
on tuesdays- the day we were there).  i missed treblecharger at hmv
thursday night, i missed all the sat. stuff.  so i'm
pretty damn bitter.  but at least i got to see tdc and talk to d'arcy
too.  what's goin on in haltown this wknd?  i'm coming down on
thursday and heard about the plumtree release party.  anything else.
rock the mic, jon