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speaking of sloan

Molly's Reach from edmonton have a new cd out called (i think) _hi fi and 
stereo_ and if you like sloan, you pretty well will dig molly's reach. 
their songs sound a lot like "coax me" or "worried now", that particular 
side of sloan - i think their vocalist sounds a lot like chris at times. 
i know, i know, i just finished slagging the poumons for sounding so much 
like sloan, but it's probably because i hate windsor so much. :)

anyway, they are on tour across canada right now, they're going all the 
way to halifax (oooh, maybe chris'll record their new album, too! ;)  )  
so maybe go check them out if they come to your town. something weird is 
going on, there are more than two good bands from edmonton*....

ps/ i swear to god, i'm not posting at all tomorrow.....it's just that i 
was in withdrawal or something.

*original two good bands from edmonton: PAL JOEY and the all woman 
brothers band

"Though we may part, though we may not live in the same town,
 it doesn't matter to me. We will always be in New Orleans."

"But now there's fireworks, cotton candy, bad days, and you."

        **PIGGY**Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes**