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it *is* SLOAN net...

hey for those who have muchmusic and *aren't* abstaining from watching it 
for religious purposes, the ever elusive sloan are on tonight's mucheast. 
they discuss their "best canadian album ever" (what?? i love sloan more 
than most, but i don't think i'd consider _twice removed_ the best 
canadian album EVER...) as voted by chart magazine and chris makes 
another longwinded speech about something. can't they shut him up?

speaking of people who can't shut up, the old video for "underwhelmed" 
featuring an adolescent era mike catano was shown right after the sloan 
interview bit. he just oozes teenage sexuality, so make sure not to miss 
this one, girls.

:) :) :)

ps/ i have no one to sass at now that i'm back in calgary, so pardon me 
for this rude post. :) i'm only havin' fun, so don't be mad. :)

"Though we may part, though we may not live in the same town,
 it doesn't matter to me. We will always be in New Orleans."

"But now there's fireworks, cotton candy, bad days, and you."

        **PIGGY**Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes**