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CMW 96


Hi there everyone, I'm sitting here in Toronto at the Chart booth at CMW 
and I confiscated their Chart Attack demo to telnet to the freenet and 
say howdy.

Leslie Furlong, formerly pf the aGazette and a Sloannetter is here, as 
are the ediotrs and some writers, Liisa, Nada, Edward, Amber.  They say hi.

Anyway they want me to get off the computer soon so here is my mini report.

Mostly, I've seen five minutes at the end of peoples shows, like the last 
song of Chickpea, Poledo, Eric's Trip (twice), Made, Monoxides, all of 
which were quite good.  Note #1:  all these little bars have better sound 
then the Birdland... Note #2"  It is really expensive to live  in 
Toronto.  $2 for the subway!  Arg!  

Grace Babies played at the El Mo on Thursday and did really well, 
apparently, I was in a van with Madhat outside of Quebec City at the time 
and missed them.  Apparently the sound sucked tho... rumour of hte week.  
Grace Babies signed to RCA.  However, nobody at BMG Canada knows about 
it, tho Amber says that the GB video was in the BMG corporate 
presentation yesterday... who knows, stay tuned....

A lot of people have been asking me about Cool Blue Halo, who 
unfortunatly didn't make it up for this.  

Big buzz on Transistor from Winnipeg, Duotang, and Kinnie Star.  
Especiall Ms. Star, who nobody knew about 2-3 weeks ago and apparently 
already has a publishinh either signed, or in the works... I like 
transistor, they were pretty good...  

They imported especially cold weather for us, it feel like montreal in 

I'm gonna go now I want to run up to the Lee's palace show to see 
Elevator to Hell, so more in about 24 hours...


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