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Re: absolutely nothing

On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, Helen Luu wrote:

> review in the review section on a plumtree side project called absolutely
> nothing. this was news to me because I never knew plumtree had a side
> project.

They  have been around for about a year I believe.  I got the tape last 
August (thanks Andrew:) and it is really good.  The tape does the kick 
ass off most other local boys, especially Salon Selectives
(except maybe The Union Jack Squat version).

You go to shows about twice a year
you go into town and you drink some beer
you tell all your friends about the bands you love
and go home and listen to... ALABAMA!

A Nothing's "Punko Fako"

They also do a bitching cover of "Girls just wanna have fum" 

> for any interested parties, u can get this tape via snail mail for 3 bux at:
> 172 rosedale ave.,
> halifax, ns  
> b3n 2k1


P.S. Maybe by the end of the week, there will be a poorly scanned 
take off of the album cover on FFH online, listed below.

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