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Hadrship Post/Eric's Trip

I went to the evening show at Lee's last night.  I got there in time to 
see The Hardship Post who i haven't seen since Edgefest i believe.  They 
were really good, especially ompared to that summer show.  I found that 
they were really composed and performed well.  They semmed to play a 
bunch of new songs as well as a bunch off Somebdy Spoke ( Garbagetruck, 
Your Sunshine, Garbagetruck etc.)  I was impressed fo sure.  Alyson is a 
perfect fit on bass.
I was excited to see ET sonce it's been since the Popex.  They were very 
tired, especially Chris, I guess they had a long day. They played a good 
mix of songs, mostly off LT and PB.  They did a beautiful version of 
"Soon, Coming Closer". Rawkers included Sun Coming Up", " I'm so 
near here", "Frame, and the final song of their set "Spaceship opening".  
The saddest part of the whole thing was that this was the most fun that 
I've ever seen Julie and Rick have on stage (and i've seen them like 12 
times) I mean Julie was genuinely excited about doing certain songs 
(spaceship opening being one of those).  It's too bad that when they are 
finally learning to enjoy themselves, and enjoy a larger success that 
one (as far as I know) of the band members feels it is time to break up.

         "hey, you gotta pay your dues, before you pay the rent..."