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Re: absolutely nothing

On Sat, 9 Mar 1996, Helen Luu wrote:

> hmm.. I'm looking through this month's .exclaim. again and there's a
> review in the review section on a plumtree side project called absolutely
> nothing. this was news to me because I never knew plumtree had a side
> project. the review says that they sound nothing like plumtree.."they play
> with speed.. their guitars buzz and have bite.. the songs are
> short'n'snappy, fast'n'catchy.." it also says that "this is guaranteed to
> kick the ass of any punk rock boy at 50 paces. it'll kick the ass of some
> of the geekier indie rock boys at 100 paces." the band is lynette, carla,
> and lisa. so besides this tape, do they do anything else? do they ever
> play shows? y did they decide to do this side project?

I *think* that's all they've released.  + last fall, Lisa quit the band, but
I'm pretty sure they've found someone else.  I got the tape on Friday, but
unfortunately it's at real-home not college-home.  I just hitched a ride on
this here list, so this has probably already been covered, but has anyone 
heard the Plumtree album?  

> for any interested parties, u can get this tape via snail mail for 3 bux at:
> 172 rosedale ave.,
> halifax, ns  
> b3n 2k1
> --
> .hl. geeks r kewl dammit!