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March 9 concert REVIEW

Wow two toronto concerts in two weeks that's a record...
this one wasn't the sloanet extravaganza that the other one
was but i DID meet Helen and her friend Kira <sp?> again.
BTW me and my friends got there soooo damn early we were
the first ones in line. thats a first.

On with the show:
Les Pichous <sp? again ;)> - From Montreal hmmm well they left me with
an ok first impression. It would have been nice to see the two
guitarists look like they were INTERESTED in what they were playing and
the vocals didn't agree with me too much but the songs were poppy enough
to make me watch until the end... Not great, but not bad.

MC-19 and under - Well its seems that Eric wasn't lying as they were
indeed Treble Charger in disguise. They played all new stuff (quelle
suprise) some of it rockin, some of it slow, all of it sounded pretty
good. didn't sound like too much of a strech from their old stuff though
Greg (greig?) started off by saying that we hope they like their new
music direction. still poppy. duh.

Made - I was scared when they first started as they singer was wearing a
Smoother shirt but they definetly weren't smoother... my first time
seing this band as well and they fared pretty well. not as good as the 4
bands on the bill i had been wanting to see but better than les pichous
as they were (ack) poppier. sorry if i keep bringing up a poppiness
factor its just that's what i like ok? the first song was really good
and there were some other standouts.

Superfriendz - I cannot believe how talented these guys are. for me it
was most noticeable with matt murphy and the drumer (lonnie?) but
everyone was playing really well uhmm.... the only downside was that
after  this 10000 bpm rock they slowed it down a bit so people not
knowing what to expect didn't like it too much (like some of my friends)
as i tried to prove that they were better than erics trip oh well.

The Monoxides - Considering all teh disses i've heard on here towards
them i was fairly impressed. since it was my first time seeing them as
well i guess that their rock poses et cetera were not stale cuz i
thought they were pretty fun. every song was fast and most of them
pretty catchy.

Eric's Trip - They had a great opener (so near here) and played all fast
stuff actually. i dont think i've ever seen them play a slow song except
for stove and soon coming closer (both of which they didn't play this
show) uhmmmm well i hate to say it but i think that their barred chords
are starting to wear kind of thin, with me at least. Not a dis to erics
trip at all, that's just my feelings about it and i know that many
people are opposed to it i just know that they could do more esp. with 2
guitars at their disposal... stuf like... i don't even know the song's
title.... forget it i'm just digging myself a deeper grave <g>

A closing note:
Ok well i don't know who to say which was the best because if i base it
on how fast their songs were and if they were able to get the audience
into it then erics trip would be the best but then that would put the
monoxides over superfriends. and if i go by technical ability and
overall originality then superfriendz was the best but then treble
charger is above erics trip.
NOW do you see why sloan is best best band?!? ;)