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My writstband won't come off!

Help Me! My damn wristband that they gave me at the all ages show today WILL
NOT COME OFF! I have tried very very hard to pull it off and it won't budge.
My sisccors will not even dent the doodley-doodle!
        Am I stuck with this wrist band on forever? Will I never see it go?
Help me get this red monster off me!

        Anyways, I had a read fun fun time! I talked to Bill and Greig for
about twenty minutes and then Bill gave me photo of his parents *yes!* after
that I managed to (along with the entire building) Meet and talk to
Drew...he seemed a little busy, so I left him be and then I just waited on
the legal side of the table that seperates the all-access place and whenever
I saw anybody I'd scream their name and talk to them.  I talked to Julie
before she went on for a few minutes and she said "Leave me alone Crazy
boy!" So I gave her a big frown and then when she played she kept looking at
me and sticking her tounge out.  After the show I talked to Matt for a
little while but he too was busy, so I saw an opening beside Drew and rushed
over there to split with him.  I told him all about the Barrie Pop Collision
and My band and I told him what a mullit is, then we tried to spot as many
as we could.  I got his signiture on my Yellow RadioBlaster shirt and bid
him farewell.  Thinking all the fun was over we all went over to thePizza
place across the street and to my joyful surprise Julie was waiting in line
right in front of me with another woman.  She said "Ah! Not you again" then
we talked and ate pizza for what seemed like ten seconds.  

        Whoa, I didn't mean to write that! Anyways...I really really need to
take this bloody tag off my wrist so please please help me! Thank you!