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absolutely nothing

hmm.. I'm looking through this month's .exclaim. again and there's a
review in the review section on a plumtree side project called absolutely
nothing. this was news to me because I never knew plumtree had a side
project. the review says that they sound nothing like plumtree.."they play
with speed.. their guitars buzz and have bite.. the songs are
short'n'snappy, fast'n'catchy.." it also says that "this is guaranteed to
kick the ass of any punk rock boy at 50 paces. it'll kick the ass of some
of the geekier indie rock boys at 100 paces." the band is lynette, carla,
and lisa. so besides this tape, do they do anything else? do they ever
play shows? y did they decide to do this side project?

for any interested parties, u can get this tape via snail mail for 3 bux at:

172 rosedale ave.,
halifax, ns  
b3n 2k1

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!