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Re: eric's trip/monoxides/super friendz/made/treble charger/les pichous

>Wow!  What a long day.

tell me about it! wow, my feet hurt and my legs hurt. I might get veins or
something now. hmm gross. :P

>Les Pichous:  Only caught the last 5 minutes of the set... they sounded 
>good though.

yeah, they were ok but I wasn't that impressed. I also only caught the
last part because I arrived a bit late (lucky to get in though.. the place
was packed! hey joel, were u in the line outside then around 1:00 pm?)

>Treble Charger:  They were billed as "Nc19 and Under", and they were 
>great... they played some news songs that are terrific.  Nothing said 

yeah, I liked their set.. they told us they were going to play a slow and
melllooooww set.. I liked it.. the new songs sound great.

>The Super Friendz:  Great!  Matt "Guitar God" Murphy wore a purple satin 

wow, the superfriendz were impressive as usual.. matt rools.. he did his
trademark rawk poses and jumped off things. neat-o. the crowd seemed to
like em too.. what I want to know is what they put in their coffee?? those
guys have soo much energy I was even tired watching em.. :)

>Monoxides:  I don't want to put these guys down because I know alot of 
>people on the list like them... so... I won't. :)

yeah,  wasn't too impressed w/ these guys either so I sat down on the
floor beause my feet hurt a lot. ppl tripped all over me and drew (sfz)
kicked me by accident when he walked by, then he apologized. I didn't know
who it was and I was thinking what moron just kicked me <g>. then my friend
told me it was drew. hmm, I guess I will stop babbling about that. as for
the monoxides, well, I wasn't paying all that much attention, but they
seemed to like the crowd because they kept telling us how great we were
and they did some weird hand gesture thing.

>Eric's Trip:  Opened with their usual stuff (people who've seen them alot 
>should know what I mean) and they played about half of "Purple Blue".  
>Maybe Helen or someone will post the set list.. I'm too tired to try and 
>remember it.

I'm kind of no help in this department since I don't have that much eric's
trip stuff and I haven't bought purple blue yet. this was my first time
catching eric's trip live and they were great.. loud and energetic. maybe
chris or d'arcy will talk more about them? :)

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!