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Re: moncton compilation

Date:          Sun, 03 Mar 1996 15:07:50 -0400
From:          "Ron B." <batesr\!/nbnet.nb.ca>
Subject:       moncton compilation
To:            jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca

Hi. Just thought everyone might be interested in knowing that a compilation cassette of Moncton 
bands recorded by Rick White was released yesterday. Mail order strategies are fuzzy at the 
moment but it can be bought at Room 201 for those with access. The tape is all unreleased 
material by:
Purple Knight
Tara S'appart
Elevator to Hell
Moon Socket
Bad Luck #13
Orange Glass
Broken Girl
Earth AD
Idea of North
Eric's Trip

- I just got it Friday March 1.  It comes with a really snazzy 
photocopied booklet, with info on the bands  involved and the 
sessions that produced the recordings found therein...also some 
decent Rick White comics, though i prefer the cat comic he did for 
    I like it a lot.  Like Rick White says, he has a unique way of 
listening to music, so when i first listened to the tape of the way 
to Montreal (missed the bg show...) on a cheap walkman, it sounded 
well, quite lo-fi, in fact exceedingly so.  Sounded much better on a 
more decent system at home.  You can also track how rick's recording 
technique has improved.  In the beginning, it's a little dry and 
muffled, especially when he is recording heavier bands.  His later 
stuff is more organic.  Oh well, on to the music.

Purple Knight: I actually like this purple knight song a lot, which 
is saying a lot, because it normally takes me a while with Mark's 
stuff.  Like Rick says in liners, very eerie and spooky.

Tara S'appart: very beautiful, ethereal.  Makes me want to get her 

Elevator to Hell: excellent track

Monoxides, Underdogs, Earth AD, Villanovans: they just kind of bounce 
of my ears, like a laser beam of the shields of the Enterprise.  No 
effect on me.  Sorry.

Moonsocket: I'm not sure...there's something wrong with me...can't 
connect with it...trying though...

Idee du Nord: I prefer the version on their cd.

Orange Glass: My discovery of Orange Glass is a recent thing.  I like 
'em.  I like Park Bench.

Suddens: Amusing cover of "Can't Explain" by the Who.  Quite good 

Bad Luck #13: Doing a cover of an ancient Cap-Pele band.  i kinda 
like it.  Excellent guitar work.  Really - well - funny.

Broken Girl: Sheer beauty in simplicity.  Demo version of Eyes Shut, 
from Purple Blue.  Just Julie's voice and guitar.  Worth the 7 $ i 
paid right there.

Eric's Trip: Captured live at Cafe Campus in Mtl.  Doing a Bad 
Religion song.  Don't remember name. Anyway, the banter between julie 
and audience priceless ("I guess when you're in that sloppy 
state...").  Good live recording too.

Anyway, the comp shouldn't be too expensive (i paid 7$ at Room 201), so
 if there's a little bit of cash in pocket, do pick it up, or 
mail-order it, if only for the broken girl, et, og or Tara S'appart.

Note to Ron: how do i get a hold of Tara's cassette?

"Fingers burn clean inside-out from the marrow to the skin
An explosion of sin.
Fire cleans
And leaves a different kind of mess.
Intangible. Like life."

- Soulboy

"Naked we come 
And bruised we go.
Nude pastry
For the slow, soft worms below."

- Jim "asshole" Morrison