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Heres my review of the concert (out of 5*) 

LES PICHOUS: I only got to see half their set, but the half I saw was pretty
good. It was the first time I have seen them and I liked their sound. The
lead female vocalist had a great voice.
(rating: 3 1/2*)

TREBLE CHARGER: They were very good. They played a lot of new songs, which
were great. The only problem I had with their set was a couple of times they
took a while between songs. They would finish a great song and then you
would be excited for the next one and then you would have to wait a couple
minutes. Although I think it was due to technical difficulties.
(rating: 4*)

MADE: I really didn't give them enough attention to comment on.

SUPERFRIENDZ: It was none stop tunes. They didn't even let you catch your
breath in between songs. They kept you tuned in through out the set. Matt
was great! He was all over the place, including his deaf difying jump fom
the drum stand.
(rating: 4 1/2*)

MONOXIDES: I wasn't really into this band. So I can't fairly comment on them.

ERIC'S TRIP: They did not live down my high expectations. They must have had
the longest set (guessing 45mn-1hr). It was the first time that I have ever
seen them live, and I loved every minute of it. They played mostly purple
blue songs (5-7), but also played others. My favorite tune was "Eyes Shut"
Julie was great on that song. They finished their set with "Spaceship
Opening". It was worth the long wait.
(rating: 5*)