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eric's trip/monoxides/super friendz/made/treble charger/les pichous

Wow!  What a long day.

Anyway, here's a short run down of the concert:

Les Pichous:  Only caught the last 5 minutes of the set... they sounded 
good though.

Treble Charger:  They were billed as "Nc19 and Under", and they were 
great... they played some news songs that are terrific.  Nothing said 
about a new album, though.

Made:  Not my type of band.  

The Super Friendz:  Great!  Matt "Guitar God" Murphy wore a purple satin 

Monoxides:  I don't want to put these guys down because I know alot of 
people on the list like them... so... I won't. :)

Eric's Trip:  Opened with their usual stuff (people who've seen them alot 
should know what I mean) and they played about half of "Purple Blue".  
Maybe Helen or someone will post the set list.. I'm too tired to try and 
remember it.

Sorry for being so brief..


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