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the funky godchildren of soul.

that would be the jordan musto trio.
last night at the grad house they welcomed
chek luv shakil, stinkin rich, and six too
for two hours of hip hop and jazz covers
of james brown classics.  all i can say is,
wow.  chek luv has the freestyle skillz,
as most of you probably know, and he totally
won over the audience with his improvisational
rhymes.  stinkin rich impressed too, especially
with his "casanova" routine -- it was so funny,
all his boasting about how the ladies all love
him, etc.  well, laura borealis sure seemed
to be getting a kick out of it.  actually,
most everyone else was laughing too.  six too
has the flow, the delivery, and the moves,
but i don't think this audience was really
getting into his angry white geek schtick.
he was pretty good, though.  and yes, jordan,
colin, and pete were doing some mighty fine
playing, and mike catano wowed 'em again with
another jaw-dropping drum solo.  way to go,
funky MC!


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