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east-coast music awards repeat

yeah, so it's on last night. the orleans posse was at my house and you
know, we're watching x-files, taping ecma's. so we go back after and watch
them, yeah. the "digest" version as tara put it perfectly. they showed the
award winners, clips of them more like, in bunches of like five. they
showed like, winner of best country...then a little clip of speech by the
winner.., then they showed best alternative, chris walking for 2 seconds,
then best bluegrass artist, and like 15 seconds of speech. shunned i tells ya.
anyways, they even cut the karateman rawkout performance down to size.,
actually i dont know, did they decide to only play one verse and wrap the
whole thing up in like a minute and a half?

anyhow... thanx for all the replies on the mint address... i definately
know it now :)



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