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sloan woohooo

I just picked up the new .exclaim. today and there's a tiny little thing
written about sloan's upcoming release.. it just says that they r putting
the finishing touches on it and that they may be touring this summer (yaaaaay)
although the gigs might be limited.

also, the new local rabbits album is due out on march 27th on
murderecords.. it's called .you can't touch this. hmmm.. hammer time? :)

..and carol's zine .in the meantime. is mentioned in this month's zine
column so go order it.. :) (carol, did u used to have a zine called
.sizzle teen.? it seemed to imply that in the review)

lookin' forward to seeing eric's trip and more tomorrow,

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!