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sloan album


I was talking to another sloaneter here at Bishop's (Jeremy Gruman) 
and we were wondering about the new sloan album.  What is going on?  

Here is what we were wondering about:

1)  They still have two records to make with DGC.  So are they going 
to release it through them?  It would be great if it was on murder 
but how would they get out of the contract with DGC?

2)  To get out of the contract, will they have to change their name?  
maybee:  sloane, slone or sloan1, sloanCanada (kind of like the 
CharlatanU.K.(sp.) )  or maybee sloanN.S. (Nova Scotia).  Or maybee 
since their name is really a play on words meaning the "Slow One", 
maybee that will be their new name.   I can't really imagine sloan 
with a different name so I hope that they keep their original name.  

Only reply if you know the facts.  I can make up silly stories on my 

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