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sloan kids in the hall

On Fri, 8 Mar 1996, ERIC LAPOINTE wrote:
> 1)  They still have two records to make with DGC.  So are they going 
> to release it through them?  It would be great if it was on murder 
> but how would they get out of the contract with DGC?

wasn't it announced last summer or spring that dgc was *not* renewing 
their contract? i thought this was a given...

over spring break, one of our writers at vox interviewed the always 
precocious scott thompson and since the interview was going
....badly...they started talking about the soundtrack to the new 
kids in the hall movie, and apparently, according to mr. thompson anyway, 
sloan was considered/asked to participate but didn't because, well, now 
these are joe (the vox boy) *or* scott's words, not mine, because they 
were being jerks at the time. hmmmm.

sorry for posting such trivial stuff, especially after those extremely 
great sloan/politics posts (which i finally got to read - they were great 
fun...is it just me, or did jrocchi and mcatano initially sound like they 
were saying the same things?? silly boys).


ps/ i hope all you politically aware boys are taking time out today to 
celebrate international womens' day in whatever way you can. :) :)