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happy alanis morrisette day...

...to all you ottawa kidz.  :-)

happy international women's day to the rest of the planet.  :-)

hey, i've caught up with my email again!
it does happen from time to time.
i added a bunch of new subscribers (welcome newbies!)
and there's 241 of us now.

i just want to say that i totally agree with rob and margie
that the political debate *was* interesting and thought-provoking,
and i'm glad it happened.  i think it's good to have these 
discussions from time to time.  another cool thing is that
people thought before posting and there wasn't a big flood
of messages -- only one or two people asked to be unsubbed
as a result.  

interesting thing that happened this week -- 
a lot you probably don't know who colin mackenzie is.
he does a lot of stuff but he's best known as the guy
who runs murderecords for/with sloan and who manages jale.
he's also one of the five partners who are collectively
known as cinnamon toast records.  (he's also the guy who
posts those quirky little one-line messages on sloan net
from time to time!)  anyways, he's been doing this radio 
show on ckdu-fm (halifax campus station) for about six years,
called "how many purple cows does it take to fill a litre?",
and this week was his final broadcast.  it was a low-key 
affair and pretty much like any show, but he did sneak
preview a couple of tracks from the new jale record.
he played "all ready to break" and a new laura song that
i don't know the name of, and they both sounded really good.

anyways, happy "retirement" colin!  i can't wait for the
new album...


p.s. oh yeah, by the way, jale are playing birdland 
tomorrow night with the euphonic and scratching post...

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