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Re: Debate, Apologies, THP, RW, My Cat, Chart 50 albums.

>i just want to say that i totally agree with rob and margie
>that the political debate *was* interesting and thought-provoking,
>and i'm glad it happened.  i think it's good to have these
>discussions from time to time.  another cool thing is that
>people thought before posting and there wasn't a big flood
>of messages -- only one or two people asked to be unsubbed
>as a result.
        ...and I just wanted to apologize for my, unh, more venomous
moments, especially towards Catano, in the whole music and politics thing.
Life stress makes us all doctrinaire. (And as an aside to Mad MDC; I'm
sorry I called you lame guy. I'm right about everything else, but I'm

        Hardship Post and Rebecca West tonight at The Embassy in London-
which makes me hap/hap/happy. Maybe a show review, unless I get monstered
and have no recollection.

        (Covey, don't tell me it's International Women's day the day I'm
geting my sweet little girl cat Coaly neutered...I feel like the Biggest,
Patriarchal, Reproductive-rights Denying Weasel in the world right now. But
it's for the best.)

        And by the way, does anyone else think that maybe the Chart 50
Canadian Albums ranking should have been arranged in such a way that the
highest ranked album for an artist was named, with subsequent scores
mentioned as part of the entry ? Neil Young's good, yeah, but even he
doesn't need what, 4 ? 5? 6 ? albums on the list; just like we don't need
THAT much Hip ........ And why no full  list of contributors ? I mean, I'm
curious, aren't you ?

        Off to Hamilton tomorrow; going to the Junos on Sunday;  pray for me.


        "Against the Grain",

        James Rocchi