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superchunk + Sonic Youth = hushfeed

THere's a new Canadian band out called hushfeed from my hometown 
Winnipeg.  If you like superchunk, Nirvana and Sonic YOuth, then you'd 
probably really like hushfeed.  THey're a 3-piece and they're more 
bass-driven than guitar driven.  They have a tape out and a cassette 
single is actually being made tonite.  IF you haven't heard anything in 
the last few years out of Winnipeg and are out of touch with the Winnipeg 
sound (no, this doesn't include the Wtchmen or Crash Test Dummies, thank 
you), you really should consider picking this tape up.  If you want more 
info about hushfeed or other Winnipeg bands you may have heard lately on 
Realtime, email me at umsigesm\!/cc.umanitoba.ca . 
p.s. - can't wait for the new Sloan disk that will come out in April.  If 
anyone knows anything more about it, email me.

"Slack is good." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius