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Re: west vs. east

> Date sent:      Wed, 06 Mar 1996 15:34:17 -0330 (NST)
> From:           Jeremy Harris Clarke <g56jhc\!/morgan.ucs.mun.ca>
> Subject:        Re: west vs. east
> To:             sloan net <jrcovey+sloan\!/ac.dal.ca>

> > 
> > On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, MATTHEW MCDONOUGH wrote:
> > 
> > > wondering why the further you travel west on
> > > this continent, the shittier the bands are,
> > >                                                 M.M.M
> > > (there are exceptions of course, but
> > > in general.............)
> > > 
> > Are you nuts?  West coast music is better than anything Toronto has seen 
> > for years!  What do you call mystery machine, rose chronicles, 
> > ginger...there are a ton of others that escape me at this precise 
> > moment...wait, how about taste of joy?  i saw them just a little while 
> > ago and they were good.  I think you have it wrong.  Shitty bands are the 
> > exception when you go west.  Shitty bands are  now the norm in central Can.
> > 
> > ian
> > 
> add to that list: nomeansno and hanson bros., d.o.a., the smalls, the 
> smugglers, skinny puppy(r.i.p.), gus, forbidden dimension(s), egg, 
> kittens(kinda west), and no fun.
> when the west is a rockin', don't bother knockin'.
> jeremy

Forbidden dimension are quite good, although you have to be in a 
certain mood for them. I like all their songs from Sin Gallery, but I 
could not sit and listen to the whole CD in one sitting, it's just 
TOO much. They put on a neat live show as well.

The smalls on the other hand are the most annoying band I ever saw in 
Calgary. I laughed my ass off throughout the whole show because of 
Mr. trucker man and the Eddie Vedder wanna-be lead singer. That was 
years ago mind you, my brother tells me they're better now, but I've 
never been into either heavy-trucker music (a la Monoxides) or the 
new wave punk scene (a la NOFX), since I find both annoying. I guess 
it depends on what you classify as punk though. I will always find 
Eric Gaffery's (sp) Sebadoh stuff both really funny and really good 
at the same time, and people classify it as punk, which I could agree 

I guess all of this comes down to the fact that today's modern punk 
bands tend to be concentrated on the west coast, and I'm just not 
into that. I can't help it if I laugh my ass off at it and that I 
think the whole thing sucks. Anyways.....
P.S. I was talking about current bands, so skinny puppy and the like 
wouldn't count anyways. Oh, and I just remembered what made me laugh 
at the smalls. Vedder Jr. comes out with like 20 layers of clothing, 
vests, jean jackets, etc. Throughout the set he takes off layers at 
specifically planned moments, for a HUGE dramatic effect 
(right....). The stupid ass was being totally serious about it all, 
like this was NOT a joke, he just thought it was really cool and that 
he'd drive any female element nuts with his presence. Stupid #$%#^ 
Edmonton/Calgary shit-band appealing to little musically spoon-fed 
mindless youngins......sorry all, I just don't like em, I don't like 
90% of that scene......