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Re: Is anybody listening?

>Michael Damian Catano <mcatano\!/is.dal.ca> said
>}you've got to use the forces and channels that exist already in order to 
>}make any lasting change.  you've got to change things from the inside 
>}out, instea of trying to tear everything apart from the outside, because 
>}face it, if you can't get work from the inside, you'r never going to work 
>}at all.
>But when it comes to making music, if you have any integrity you 
>have to release your work independently rather than sign a record 
>company contract.  Please explain this contradiction to me.

Does that  mean that Sloan and Eric's Trip and the Monoxides have no
integrity?  Maybe I don't understand what you are saying, but I don't
believe that just because a band signs a contract they lose any credibility.
If the signing of a contract means a band will lose integrity, why should a
band seek a contract?  Why would a band accept a contract if they were
OFFERED one?  Bands usually accept a contract for money enough to keep doing
what they enjoy doing, is that correct?  It costs a whole lot of money to
release a recording independently, this I know for sure, and it sure helps
if someone is willing to foot the original bill, distribute the stuff for
the band,and accept repayment as the merchandise is sold.  Is this a crime
against a band's self?

I think that Catano has a good point, change occurs from the inside.  Is it
easier to siege a castle for months, or to have a man on the inside open the
door for your army?

Please inform me of any ignorance:  If I am wrong, tell me why.