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Re: mac likes jale!

Per L}ngstr|m <s94pla\!/csd.uu.se> writes:

> not whole albums. but, the obvious question is if anyone has heard 
> pointed sticks and what they were/are like, because he kept raving about 
> them although all he really said was that they were from victoria, bc. 
> anyone?

This is from the liner notes of "Last Call: Vancouver Independant Music
1977-1988", which really is a great 2 CD set if you can get it. The Pointed
Sticks have a song called "Real Thing" on it.


    Arguably Vancouver's most popular independant band during their existence,
 The Pointed Sticks were the band many considered "most likely to succeed."
    Originally a "fuck band" called Ernie Dick and the Pointed Sticks, the
 Sticks had no plans for careers in the music business. They played merely
 for the fun of it until things mushroomed beyond all expectations. After
 winning a "battle of the bands" at the Commodore Ballroom in the fall of
 1978, The Pointed Sticks were signed by Vancouver's Quintessence Records.
 Over a one year period, three singles were released on Quintessence --
 What Do You Want Me To Do, Real Thing, and Lies.
   All this activity by The Pointed Sticks was eventually noticed by the
 A&R departments of some major record companies. After considering a few
 offers, the band signed to England's prestigious Stiff Records (whose
 roster had included The Damned, Elvis costello and Ian Dury). This should
 have been the start of a great international career. However, only an EP
 was released by Stiff; the group's UK recorded album was never released
 due to a "communication gap" between the assigned producer and Stiff.
   The Pointed Sticks came back to Vancouver and Quintessence Records to
 record and release their Perfect Youth album. Unfortunately, it was the
 beginning of the end for the band, which was a shame because The Pointed
 Sticks were capable of creating masterful pop songs in the fine tradition
 of their idols THe Buzzcocks and ABBA, as represented by "The Real Thing".


 So, there you go. I don't think they're from Victoria, since the liner
 notes also say under NoMeansNo are "an exception on this compilation"
 because they're from Victoria instead of Vancouver.

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