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Re: mac likes jale!

>Per L}ngstr|m <s94pla\!/csd.uu.se> writes:
>> not whole albums. but, the obvious question is if anyone has heard 
>> pointed sticks and what they were/are like, because he kept raving about 
>> them although all he really said was that they were from victoria, bc. 
>> anyone?
>This is from the liner notes of "Last Call: Vancouver Independant Music
>1977-1988", which really is a great 2 CD set if you can get it. The Pointed
>Sticks have a song called "Real Thing" on it.
 There's also the great Zulu CD Re-issue "Part of the Noise" which includes
pretty much everything the Pointed Sticks  ever did. It was released last
year along with Young Canadians : " No Escape" and The Modernettes: 'Get It
Straight"... and these three albums are the greatest re-issues package I've
ever seen that wasn't by Rhino or Ryko, never mind how achingly good they
are, in addition to their Canadian Historical/Cultural

        You can call Zulu at 604-730-1107 for more info. 
"Against The Grain"