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Re: Irrelevant Politics (?)

Olympian Rob said:

}Over on the Canadian Literature list, strangely enough, they've been
}discussing some of the same issues.  The point was brought up that since
}the nineteenth century the United States government and businesses have
}pursued a policy of Canada being nothing more than an extension of the US
}market for trade goods, culture being a major export.  So Canada goes from
}being a British colony to a US market; doesn't seem an improvement;
}perhaps worse, for at least one feels the need to take a stand over being

I recommend that any North American living between the 40th and 50th 
parallels (ok, 52, so's we get Calgary in there) watches the film 
"Canadian Bacon".  Alan Alda, Rhea Perlman, and the late John Candy, 
plus some interesting cameos like Stephen Wright and Dan Ackroyd.  
A nice sendup of cross-border stereotypes, beer, hockey, and 
the cold war.  Now playing at Wormwoods in Halifax, 7 today and 9:15 

And you Americans out there, please don't let Pat Buchanan try to 
annex random anglophone provinces.  Vote for Dave Barry if you have 

Irrelevant as always,