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Irrelevant Politics (?)

I hardly see why one could feel the subject of music and politics to be 
irrelevant.   Most of the recent discussion was nicely empassioned, hugely 
varied and insightful in how people feel about politics in (or maybe, 
"and") their everyday lives.

Over on the Canadian Literature list, strangely enough, they've been
discussing some of the same issues.  The point was brought up that since
the nineteenth century the United States government and businesses have
pursued a policy of Canada being nothing more than an extension of the US
market for trade goods, culture being a major export.  So Canada goes from
being a British colony to a US market; doesn't seem an improvement;
perhaps worse, for at least one feels the need to take a stand over being

Look at the events over at CMW: many people don't feel Henry Rollins has 
much to say on American music, what could he possibly have to say about 
Canadian music?  Of Chart Magazine's top 50 Canadian albums, how many 
were released on American labels?  40?  45?  about that.  And the same 6 
labels that control 95% of the music in the US.

So hats of to Sloan and Murderecords for at least attempting to record a
bit of their local culture and not wait for some to be imported.  Whether it 
was a great political stance or bit of dumb luck.

Rob Keefe
Olympia, WA

"We're not going to allow any open sex, drugs or parties," Methodist Jerry
Love said.  "We're a very conservative group of Christians who just don't
like to wear clothes."