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Re: CHART mag top 50

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, C. Trowbridge wrote:
> SNFU - And Nobody Else wanted to play
> 	maybe unfashionable now, but pretty influential in its day (and 
> 	fun...)(Sloan content: didn't Sloan open for SNFU a bunch of 
> 	dates on their 1st tour? Indie rock was a smaller world then)

didn't chi pig beat up chris murphy when sloan went to music west in 92?

snfu were so fabulous back in the day, they headlined my first all ages 
show. their first three albums are so amazing. everyone should buy those 
records. the PRE epitaph stuff.

ok, speaking of stupid stuff i post here, that sloan thing was a *joke*. 
it's just that the poumons sound a LOT LOT LOT LOT like sloan.


home again home again.... ick.