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mac likes jale!

he he, while on the topic of fave canadian music i happended to get to 
talk to mac in superchunk when they were here in sweden with seam a couple 
of weeks back. just for fun (and to be able to sell more copies (=make 
more money) of my all-canadian 'zine) i asked him to list his favourite 
canadian bands/records. so, transcribed from what he wrote here goes:

- the pointed sticks. late 70's new wave/pop punk
- neil young
- jale
- 1st nomeansno record. saw them live in 1985 and they were great
- 1st doughboys record
- oscar peterson. pianist (jazz)

when i asked him about sloan/eric's trip he said he liked some songs but 
not whole albums. but, the obvious question is if anyone has heard 
pointed sticks and what they were/are like, because he kept raving about 
them although all he really said was that they were from victoria, bc. 


ps.	as a sidenote: yes, both seam and superchunk were really, really 
great. seam were quiet in an intense way while superchunk made a lot of 
energic noise in their superchunk(tm) way. it was wonderful and if you 
want to read more about the show you can do so soon in gord's 'zine. :)