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Re: CHART mag top 50

for a change i was surprised to see that "rock-critics" actually like 
music recorded after the late seventies.. would this top-100 list be 
put together in sweden (where i live) on swedish music, definitely no 
more than 5 records would be from the last 10-15 years. the rest 
would be mostly on obscure, late sixties "swedish beatles"-bands that 
noone never really liked except for the critics who heard them for 
the first time when being breast fed by their moms.. and would they 
get to choose among the canadian records, neil young would have all his 
records in the top-20.. he is a god among rock critics over here, no 
matter if we are talking about "trans" or pearl jam.

over and out, tar 

er, per, that is..

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, C. Trowbridge wrote:

> 	I just got a chance to check this out today. I think it's pretty 
> interesting but you gotta take these critics' polls with a grain of salt. 
> Congrats to Sloan-net's own James Rocchi for his heartfelt tribute to the 
> Rheostatics.
> Anyway, just for the sake of discussion... what do you folks think was 
> missing from Chart's top 50 Canadian Albums of all time?
> My nominees:
> SNFU - And Nobody Else wanted to play
> 	maybe unfashionable now, but pretty influential in its day (and 
> 	fun...)(Sloan content: didn't Sloan open for SNFU a bunch of 
> 	dates on their 1st tour? Indie rock was a smaller world then)
> 	that whole melodic punk thang
> Gruesomes, Deja Voodoo or The Dik Van Dykes
> 	The best of 80's jokey garage rock. Paved the way for Huevos
> 	Rancheros, Leather Uppers and the Smugglers and countless other
> 	bands that overly angsty types despise and drinkers adore.
> Also, it was nice to see Sloan and Eric's Trip get props, but I think a 
> lot of other east coast stuff - Superfriendz, Hardship's "Somebody 
> Spoke" especially - was as good as other stuff on the list.
> And "You ain't seen nothing yet" by BTO isn't even in the top 50 
> singles!? whatever... rock critics are all fulla shit anyway.
> 					love, Chris