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Re: broken girl in kitchener

On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, ANGELA UTTLEY wrote:

> hey
> it was not a good scene. throughout julie's entire 
> set people were talking really loud. she decided to cut her set short since
 not  too many people seemed to want her up there (her words). then, during the 
> last song (the one about seeing elevator to hell) some guy yelled 
> something at her (i didn't hear it) she told him to shut up, he yelled 
> back and so she stopped the song and said she was finished. she started 
> to walk off stage but then came back apologized to us who were listening 
> and then finished the song. she looked extremely upset through the whole 
> show. 
I know that Broken Girl is not everyone's musical preference but there is 
such thing as civility. If that guy didn't like her music he didn't have 
to yell at her. He could have just left. I think that she did the right 
thing in coming back and finishing the song though. I had the pleasure of 
seeing her show at the Rivoli in Toronto and Julie seems like such a nice 
person I can't imagine why someone would want to be nasty to her like 
that guy in Kitchener. Fuckin' asshole(pardon my language).


p.s. I'm truly in love with the Broken Girl song `Dance Music'. I think 
someone may have mentioned this but could someone please tell me when the 
Broken Girl full-length is going to be released?