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Plum Tree

Sizzle teen wrote:

>plumtree rocked, bopped, and smiled thru their set.  someone previously 
>said that katrina should smile more -- well, she was all smiles because 
>her family was there to cheer her on :)  altho, some of the 
>friends/family were kinda scary (right ottawa crew?)

Unfortunately, I think she's a little nervous being new in the band and 
all and that is perfectly understandable.  I talked to her after 
Plum Tree's show and she told me that at one show she was smiling a 
whole lot and dancing but a guy came up to her after the show and 
asked her why she was staring at him and smiling.  She told me she 
was not looking around much so she must of being staring into one 
dark location all night.  So the show that I saw Plum Tree at, 
Katrina decided to not smile much and look around all over the place 
making her look extremely serious and not completely enjoying the 
moment.  But she was, but I guess the whole thing made her a little 

Plum Tree are not the usual power pop I listen to, but they are still 
very cool.  Their CD is actually very good.  It gives a little 
variety in my life. 



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