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ottawa (bg,pt)/cornwall (pt,cp,hh)

ya, you all know the tour..

well, jeremy (hi jeremy! :) ) gave a pretty accurate account of what 
happened at the pit on friday, with the broken girl/plumtree/ and 4 other 
heavy hard/industrial rock bands show in ottawa.  the pit is a scary 
place.  anyway, just to add my $0.02...  

i was talkin' to most of plumtree when the first band started.  we then 
just looked at each other in disbelief.  the genres of music are just 
too different.  we were worried cuz julie was up right after them..

anyway, broken girl hit the stage, and it wasn't one of her best.. but 
then, i've only seen her once before, and that was at the rivoli where 
the crowd was totally silent (except for that key clangin' man).  she 
seemed pretty frustrated at times.  i was so sad, and sooo mad at the 
unkind people in the crowd.  i was also stupid enough to request a song, but 
julie was *really* nice and played it -- the one about being pregnant w/  
ben.  as jeremy said, she didn't mind the crowd.  now, the kitchener show 
seemed to be kinda bad....

plumtree rocked, bopped, and smiled thru their set.  someone previously 
said that katrina should smile more -- well, she was all smiles because 
her family was there to cheer her on :)  altho, some of the 
friends/family were kinda scary (right ottawa crew?).. anyway, their set 
went pretty well :)  i love watching amanda play because she's just soo 
happy; smilin' and boppin' away :)

yesterday (sunday) i had the chance to go to cornwall to see a really 
neat-o show.  apologies again and again and again to the da costa 
family!! :(

phraw line: saw part of their set.  sloan covers, thrush hermit cover, 
originals.  pretty good.

hitchiked:  i didn't know what to expect, and they really surprised me 
because they're GOOD!  i was really, really, impressed :)  for those of 
you unfamiliar with hitchiked, they're from ottawa, comprised of tara (as 
in thee tara da costa), jeremy, jil, and janet.  really good rockin' 
happy kinda sound.  janet's got a really nice voice.  tara and janet's 
voices blend really well.  i'm gonna be hitchiked's first groupie girl :)  
they played a sloan cover, a pixies cover, an amps cover, and lots of 
originals.  i *highly* recommend their t.v. show theme song :)  

chickpea:  it was a different arrangement than usual - just christine and 
colin, both on guitars.  and the stripped down duo sound worked really 
well.  i'm glad i saw this before the usual rockin' line-up because i was 
able to hear and appreciate the lyrics.  christine's voice kinda sorta 
reminds me of cecil's from nerdy girl -- but different.  i can't wait to 
see them live again, with the full line-up.  i also gotta get more money 
into my wallet to buy a cd... they played originals, and two new songs.  oh, 
and a sloan cover.

cove:  sorry, but i didn't like them.  vocals weren't appealing to my 
ears, so i kinda tuned out for most of their set.

plumtree:  ya,ok, so i saw them *again*.  the sound was pretty good for 
an art gallery (ya, the concert was at an art gallery! cool!).  lack of 
mics had amanda singing lynette's parts.  i like their new song "scott 
pilgrim" :)  again, really good show.  oh, all original songs and no sloan 
covers. ;)  (the only thing close that they said they could do was amanda 
doing the intro to 'karate man')

kudos and hero cookies to the murderscene/cornwall crew who put on this 
show :)  too bad julie couldn't be there because it would've been a 
perfect venue for her...

			...sizzle teen (never growin' up -- er, older)

p.s.  hey melissa -- i *know* how much you like matt murphy, so don't lie 
on the radio!!! ;)  

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
"mystified, not stupified"