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political shit...

hey there...

sloanet is truly a funny funny place... it seems no matter whats going on 
here im always kinda bored... either there's ten million posts about 
treble charger and sonic unyon or a zillion "jay is the cutest member of 
sloan" or theres a bunch of guys strutting their indy rock poly sci cred 
and flaming each other....

the issue here is one so integraly stupid i can hardly wade through the 
posts ... the basic answer is yes some bands think they are political and 
somre bands think they arent.... some bands think they're punk rock and 
others want to be and above alll people will speculate and draw their own 
conclusions about all these issuess but the overall question is why give 
2 fucks either way....

it is truly 100% pathetic to sit around spouting off shit like "the 
revolution will not be televised" or "it is on 7" records" ... whio gives 
a shit man.... there is no revolution there never was and there probably 
never will be ...to say apoliticism is a political belief is a load... 
some people are 1: truly oblivious or 2: truly do not care .... and that 
is not some political stand point they simply have different prioities 
then the people who sit around and say things like "your apolitical 
standpoint is a truly interesting political viewpoint in its self" i for 
one just do not care.....

i guess this is the integral problem of postmodernism ... the rejection 
of labels and generalisation.... but it simply amounts to wether or not 
someone really even thinks about it....

i truly do not see the point in arguing about things like selling out and 
who's punk rock and cd's are the tool of the corprate whore devil and 
shit like that.... the moral of the story is that unfortunatly in this 
world we need money to survive to a certain degree... even the most die 
hard anti capitalist punk rocker needs cash to put out his/er next 
revolutionary statement on 7" and his anti comercialism is his selling 
angle.... Fugazi are smarter business men than most people... fugazi are 
simply the bill gates of punk rock... they've created a climate and a 
product that is essential for a largish group of people to own... just as 
one can not really have a pc and not run windows 95 one can not be 
hardcore punk rock and not possess a fugazi record.... fugazi (and yes i 
like them) are truly a marketting sceme up there with the hoola hoop.... 
just as piunk rock is too... it is pointless to argue about who's selling 
out because they're all selling something for god sake... the ideology of 
the indy label , straight edge, the 7" , punk rock, they are alll 
marketting devices ... 

i guess i could say some stupid catch phrase like all that matters is the 
music ..... which is relativly true... but its more that i really dont 
care... i remember one time that tara lee once called me a matador boy 
... and i asked her why and she said it was cause i was so into that 
label ... and i honestly didnt no what she ment... i liked pavement and 
sure they were on that label... and she's like yeah and you like gbv , 
jon spencer  and what not and i was honestly like oh theyre on matador 
too... i really didnt notice.. im getting truly disturbed that when i ask 
some of my friends about some new band the first thing they often say is 
oh theyre on merge" how does that tell me anything ... other than that 
theyve got some indy cred... i really dont give a shit....

politics , music , and capitolism i guess go hand in hand and honestly i 
have better things to do then sit back get all conncerned about it and 
read the baffler to see what theyll tell me to do... move on there Are 
more important things in life then calling each other stoned grade 11 
coffee shop philosophers.... cause really you all sound like a bunch of 
college BA students with too much time on your hands