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Broken Girl/Plumtree in montreal

My little contribution.  Went to the Stornaway for the Comic Jam.  For those
that don't know, here in Montreal, every couple of months this guy named
Rupert puts on a comic jam at an  art gallery called the Stornaway.  People
can come and listen to cool music upstairs and downstairs there is pencils
and paper  galore and anyone can draw a comic, and regardless of merit, it is
included in a mini comic commerating the evening.  Everyone can draw, and
usually there are cool mini comic artists there drawing away.  The point of
the jam is that you start and finish that evening.  So its not like a comic
book convention or anything where people dress up like Wolverine and talk
Batman and Spiderman.
Broken Girl opened up the evening.  It was so packed I could barely squeeze
in upstairs to watch the show.  And who am I trying to kid?  At my height,
there was no way I was going to see anything from way in the back.  It was
very good and pretty and everyone was quiet for it.
Next up, Milken, a new band from Montreal playing their first show.  They are
very DC or Chicago like really fucking tough amazing rock.  ( Of course its
my friends band so I am biased)

then Underbed, who are pretty straightforward indie pop.  In Contrast to
Milken, it was their last show ever.

Goldfish played next and although they played a pretty and tight set, I was
not happy anymore listening to music.  And people were bugging me.  I think I
was part of some bet  or something because this one guy yelled in my face and
then all of his friends laughed and thought he was cool and the other leaned
down at my feet and told me my skirt was beautiful.  And although it was a
nice skirt, it wasn't that nice.

Plumtree played last, it was an all ages show, a rare occurence in Montreal,
so at the beginning of the evening there were more people, but Plumtree
finished at like 2am so alot of the younger kids were gone by then.  Plumtree
were super great, Gosh I love those girls.  They played a mix of old stuff
and new stuff and people were dancing along.  Much fun was had.

Now, I will sleep, just thought y'all might be interested.  I didn't get the
feeling anyone was there from sloan net?  Am I right?

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