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Buncha' crunch

1.) I've got an extra Take it in single (Yes, the sloan singles CAN be found,
with a little help from KIND souls (thanks, adam.).) here's a list of stuff
I'd (maybe) trade for.

Nevermind the Mullosks (on 7"'s, not CD)
Underwhelmed (any format)
Joni Mitchell (CD, just in case)
I am the Cancer (Just in case)
Twice Removed Promo (red stamp across CD)
Capitol records febuary 93' Promo sampler (w/ diff. version of case of you.)

2.) Other stuff I'm looking for:

Love Tara LP
Songs about chris CD (no longer available on Sub Pop)
Opening song 7"
And that one 7" that only came with that one LP....

3.) It seems as though I'll be traveling to Buffalo this coming weekend, so
will someone in the know please tell me if there are any neat shows in
buffalo fri-sat.? When is that superfriendz show?
also, Any good record stores (ie 7") in the buffalo/ tonawanda area would be

4.) Gordon street haunting is still available on Subpop, I ordered it about
12 days ago off a november catalog update (pre-new catalog) and it came
today. It's also on the feb. catalog update.